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My name is Juana Williams and I am a fitness fanatic. My mission in life is to combat obesity and health related disease/disorders through Faith & Fitness.


My Blog

The road to a healthier you can sometimes encounter speed bumps however it does not have to result in a flat tire. Speed bumps do not always come in the same shape, form or fashion, at times it can be as simple as our age. Oh, don't act surprised! Those of us that are 40 or over often experience a plateau or even weight gain that we cannot explain. Don't worry, I have some answers for you.

According to Wayne Wescott, Ph.D., director of fitness research at Quincy College, "Your metabolism drops about 3 percent every decade". What does this mean in layman's terms? When you were younger you could eat a whole tub of ice cream and never gain a pound but now...all you have to do is look at the ice cream and your waistline expands by an inch. Of course I'm using humor to make a point but I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to convey.

I know you are wondering what causes your metabolism to drop and how you can combat it. If you have ever heard me speak on fitness or attended any of my sessions, you will often hear me say, "Muscle burns more calories than fat". As we age, we lose muscle at a rate of approximately a half to a pound each year depending on rather or now we are menopausal. If we have less muscle, we burn less calories, if we burn less calories, we gain weight.

The solution to this problem is to pump some iron. Although cardiovascular exercise is important and necessary to burn fat, you must incorporate some sort of lifting program to build lean muscle, burn more fat and keep your metabolism roaring. When you exercise, you experience what is called, exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) most commonly known as after-burn. Simply put, you continue to burn calories even after your workout is complete and you burn even longer after weight lifting.

If you take the time to weight train just 30 minutes, 2-3 times per week you can gain +2 pounds of muscle over a 10-12 week period. It’s pretty easy to see that weight training is an essential aspect to any exercise program and especially for those of us that are 40+.

I personally lift 5 days a week and keep a regular cardiovascular program and I have never felt better.

Until next time...Keep your head held high, abs tight and gluteus contracted!


Juana "Fitness is What I Do" Williams

Nutrition Blog

It’s amazing to me how in 2012 we still suffer from the same misunderstandings that have been proven wrong so many years ago. The myth that not eating will help you lose weight is one that sends me into a tail spin. Oh, don’t get me wrong…if you do not eat, you will initially lose weight but that is not all you will lose. Lack of nutrition causes many issues such as fatigue, muscle loss, hair loss, brittle bones/teeth, a slow metabolism and weight gain to name just a few. As a matter of fact, per the World Health Organization, poor nutrition and inactivity are the second leading preventable causes of death in the United States.

This is why it’s so disturbing when people have a YOLO (you only live once) attitude when it comes to exercise and nutrition. It is true that you only live once however why not live the best life you can and enjoy it as long as possible by treating your body like the temple it was designed to be.

We live in a world where fast food is the new fine dining and cooking at home is a thing of the past. It’s unfortunate, however a true state of where we are as an obese nation. For many it is impossible to live a totally clean life and never succumb to the lure of fast food, cakes, cookies etc.; however that should be a very minimal portion of your healthy diet. These items are full of fat, sugars, salt, preservatives, chemicals and attribute to a host of illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, some types of cancer, obesity and that list, too, goes on and on.

The phrase, you have to eat to lose is a staple in my studio and I certainly lead by example. Clean, healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you learn the basics you can easily make wise choices at restaurants, at the grocery store and when attending party’s/events. Do yourself a favor, sit down with the fitness professional in your life and ask the tough questions, discuss your hang ups/fears and create a plan that will lead you to the road of success.

Until next time, keep your head held high, shoulders back, abs tight and live a BodybyJuana Lifestyle!

The Skinny on Herbal Cleanses

Juana: Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 10:00 AM

There are many benefits to herbal cleansing systems that go much deeper than simple weight reductions. When we consume meals, they are stored in the colon which is the equivalent of a sewer system to the body. It is not uncommon for these meals to sit undigested in the colon, eventually fermenting and creating toxin in our body. Diets high in fiber can help this however even with a high fiber diets, we still store many meals in our colon that contribute to the production of toxins/bad bacteria. Even with a clean diet, toxins in the body can form from the water we drink as well as the air we breathe.

The build up of bad bacteria can cause a combination of constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach or even disease. In addition to the above, your energy levels, skin appearance and overall feeling of wellness can be extremely impacted.

It's important to safely and effectively cleanse the body to remove these toxins and restore a nature balance in our bodies. When you do this, you will find you have more energy, bloating, gassiness and the overall feeling of lethargy will be greatly decreased. Also, there are weight loss benefits that will be achieved as well.

There are many products on the market to choose from and I personally utilize an Herbal Cleanse 4 times a year. Contact me to discuss this further and to get a healthy start on a new and improved you!

Juana M. Williams
BodybyJuana, LLC - Certified Personal Trainer
(614) 805-7070 or email me @

What's New?

Juana: Posted on Monday, March 05, 2012 9:10 PM

On Sunday, the channel 6 segment of, "The Deal Detectives" aired and the studio looked great, the clients looked great and I am super proud! Updates on a couple clients. LaShana is 73 lbs. down and Ms. Betsey Princess Johnson is down 3 this week!

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