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My name is Juana Williams and I am a fitness fanatic. My mission in life is to combat obesity and health related disease/disorders through Faith & Fitness.



Juana – I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts this home stretch of our 8 week challenge. Let me start by saying "thank you". Thank you for being so motivating and for believing in me; thank you for being so honest and transparent with your own struggles; thank you for sharing your successes – both big ones and small ones; thank you for giving me a kick in the booty when I needed it and for being proud of me when I achieve an accomplishment. I couldn’t do this without you and am so very blessed that you are in my life, not only as a motivating weight loss and nutritional coach, but as a friend. I am so committed to making lifelong changes and finally really believe that I can achieve the goals I have set. I have so much more energy and feel really strong for the first time probably ever! I feel like I can go to boot camp and tackle goals that were once so intimidating for me. Even though I weigh a bit more than what my "normal" (not goal) weight is, I am finally looking at my body and saying "hmmmm, not bad, I’m looking pretty good in those jeans" – I mean, that’s ME saying that and I’m my biggest and hardest critic. But I feel like my body has changed in ways that are more significant and more evident than just weight loss (does that make sense?). I feel like I look better now than when I did when I was 10 pounds lighter – not that I won’t lose those 10 pounds and more. The feeling of being in control of my health and body is empowering. I was so used to feeling out of control and hopeless and boy does that do a number on your self-esteem! But now, I’m happier, my confidence level has increased, and I hold my head a little higher. I have you, Debbie Winn, and Debbie Sheldon (and our other challenge members) to thank! Love you! B. Johnson


Boy, oh boy, I wasn't sure how to form the words for a recommendation for BodyByJuana, but here I go. I started working out with Juana in April of 2012 because I wanted to feel & look gorgeous on my wedding day (May of 2013). I have struggled with my weight since I was 9 & have always been an "emotional" eater, which is ironic because my weight constantly depressed me. (See the vicious cycle??). Well, deep breath, at my peak I was 320 pounds of unhappiness and self disgust. My first session with Juana, I was actually dry-heaving doing sprints and could barely do a sit-up. She encouraged me to fight through it & I did. The first month I made a little progress on the scale, but could tell the improvement was starting because I could use the stairs without getting winded & I slept better at night. Juana & I discussed my eating, when I was eating, what I was eating, & I made changes to that because as she said "channel that elsewhere". I my workouts. Whether it's in my personal training sessions with her, my Zumba class with Lindsay, my Tummy & Tush class with Euleetha. THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT. we's September 9th...I am down from that 320 by SIXTY ONE POUNDS. My goal weight is within sight, which I wasn't sure I would EVER be able to say, but with the program BodyByJuana has me on, I WILL be successful at reaching, owning, & maintaining my new lifestyle. Thank you Juana & Euleetha, I wouldn't be able to do this without you! -Nicole Rubel

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I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I went for years trying every fad diet out on the market which only caused my weight to go up and down so many times however it seemed to always go up more than down. I reached a point where I was looking into the mirror and didn’t know the woman in my reflection. She was a stranger who was very sad, had no energy and a very low opinion of herself. BodybyJuana has helped me realize that it isn’t about the diet at all. Healthy eating and fit living is a way of life. This new journey I am on is incredible and I continue to learn new things every day. I now look into the mirror and my reflection is of a woman filled with joy, tons of energy, who is learning to love herself again, and most of all become the woman God wants her to be, both inside and out. Words cannot express my gratitude to BodybyJuana for all she has done and continues to pour into my life. I guess I will just continue to live a BodybyJuana life (healthy and fit living for life). – Debbie

"I have tried so many diets, weight loss fads, and gyms, I even had gastric bypass surgery, only to put back on 40 pounds. BobybyJuana has shown me how to live a healthy lifestyle, not just diet. I'm down 12 pounds, about 15 inches and feel better than I ever have in my life!! BodybyJuana's goal is to meet You where You are and is concerned about you Body, Mind and Spirit. The love and support I've received from Juana has been unbelievable and truly a gift. I am finally meeting my health, weight and lifestyle goals, living a BodyByJuana life!!! – Betsey Johnson

“The level of knowledge at BodybyJuana Group Fitness & Personal Training is fantastic. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and results. I am losing weight and I feel great! Tina Manning

Testimonials Testimonials "BodybyJuana has changed my body, mind and life. :) I thank you for your dedication and for answering your calling". Not only have I lost over 80lbs., I feel amazing! LaShana

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

"Im so proud to be apart of the BodybyJuana Boot Camp Experience!!!" - Down 20 lbs in the first 8 weeks! Pringle.

"If it wasn't for BodybyJuana I am not sure where I would be in regards to fitness. She has helped me do things I did not think were possible. I'm a proud member and will continue to support this business for years to come". -Amanda

Roberta Alexander - You are a blessed woman Juana.. to be able to inspire and help people is a gift from God.. I love ur Boot Camp class. I can feel myself getting stronger and I love seeing the lbs disappear. Your class is worth every jumping jack and Plank that we do.. xoxo

Tee Kay a boot camp member : "Was able to wear a dress haven't worn in almost 2 years. Thanks BodybyJuana Boot Camp! My ex was kicking himself lol".

BodybyJuana is the real deal... the trainers are knowledgeable, class sizes small and personable and the results are undeniable. If you haven't tried are missing out. - Joyce

I feel stronger, more confident and actually have abs now. Ann

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